Bridgend Aggregates
Premium aggregate for industry

Bridgend supply a wide range of aggregates for use in construction, where they are used to provide drainage, fill voids, protect pipes, and provide hard surfaces. They are also commonly used in water filtration and sewage treatment processes. 

Voids created around the foundations of buildings during construction are filled with aggregate because it is easier to compact than the original soil that was removed, resulting in a more solid finish that will support the structure.  Our aggregates generally are not affected by the weather as much as soils and so will not suffer from shrinkage cracking during dry spells.

Water or cable pipes also need to be protected from sharp objects in the ground and are therefore laid on, and surrounded by fine aggregate before trenches are backfilled. We can supply a variety of grades.

Of course, unpaved roads and parking areas are also covered in a surface layer of aggregate to provide a more solid and safer surface for vehicles, from cycles to lorries. Again, Bridgend provide a wide range of solutions.