Bridgend Aggregates
Premium aggregate for industry

The basis of any good Arena - Our range of top quality sands have been carefully selected to give maximum hoof support.

When choosing an arena surface for you and your horse, you need to consider a variety of factors to ensure it will fulfil your equestrian needs. We offer a choice of arena surfaces suited to a wide range of equestrian disciplines and an individual’s personal budget.

Our equestrian sands are an ideal base for any surface topping. If the incorrect sand is used in the surfacing of arenas and gallops it can cause a very ‘deep’ ride and more often than not has to be removed and replaced.

Our equestrian sands can be used solely on their own, mixed with fibres, chopped rubber or added as a topping to suit every individual’s needs.

All our equestrian sands are washed and the particle sizes have been carefully graded to ensure excellent drainage.

When constructing a riding arena it is unquestionable that you must have the correct drainage, if the drainage has not been constructed properly and a suitable membrane, the arena surface will never perform as intended and pooling water, soft spots and freezing will result.

Here at Bridgend we can provide all the aggregates you need for your arena from start to finish:

  • Equestrian Sands
  • Drainage Sands
  • Natural Drainage and Filtration Gravels
  • Certified Clean Hard Rock
  • Arena Foundations - Indoor or Outdoor
  • Car Park, Pathway & Driveway Aggregates
  • Landscaping & Decorative Aggregates