Bridgend Aggregates
Premium aggregate for industry

Here at Bridgend Aggregates we are producing and suppling Cement Bound Sand - CBS.

CBS also known as Stabilised Sand is used primarily for cable installations where a compacted or hardened fill for protecting the cable is required. Made up of a weak mix 14:1 sand to cement mix, this makes it easier to break into for access or if removal of the cables is required.

We have been working alongside national energy and civil engineering companies supplying them with large volumes of CBS for their project.

All our aggregates are tested in state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure they remain at the highest quality and within specification.

Our different sands available are compliant with:

ENA TS 97-1             Energy Network Association Technical Specification

NGTS 3.05.07            National Grid Technical Specification 3.05.07

Certificate are available on request.

If you require any furthur information please do not hesitate to contacts us or call our office on 01888 551333.