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Sponsorship of AKB Racing

Bridgend Aggregates are pleased to announce that we have become part of the new sponsors for Andrew Barbour - AKB Racing.

AKB RACING 88 is Andrew Barbours race team, he own’s and drives a 800bhp Mitsubishi Evo 9 purpose built racing car. Andrew competes in the UK Timeattack championships at Pro level and has been doing so for a number of years. Overall results in championship and also setting a few new lap records...

2011 2nd

2012 2nd

2013 2nd

2014 Champion

2015  2nd


Andrew started off at club level and worked up to compete in the Pro classes where he is race now.

Timeattack originally started over in Japan where teams and drivers raced each other on circuits to see if there choosing tuning packages worked and was quicker than other cars and teams. How Timeattack works is you get two warm up sessions, a qualifying and a final all running a maximum of 20 minutes at circuits all over the UK. The idea is all cars on circuit fight it out for the quickest lap time in the 20 minutes aloud and you are placed from your time off that.

The championship is now known worldwide and raced in most countries and the UK is regarded as the best in the world for competition.

This year as Andrew was later in finishing of the car and its 2016 spec and upgrades so he missed the first 3 rounds so it's now been difficult to catch up in the championships. But he has now competed in 6 racing weekends and being able to stand up on the podium at all finishing 1st twice and 2nd four times so far with still two more rounds to go.

This year so far Andrew has raced in UK Timeattack and supper lap Scotland and most recently was over at Assen TT circuit at Holland which he has never been before and came away with the win. Off of winning the Dutch Timeattack Andrew has now been asked to race over in Germany at their final race in 4 weeks so he is hoping to make that.

Keep updated with results and follow the car on Andrew raining page on Facebook AKB racing...